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let us be kinder to our bodies!

stretch marks are beautiful. 
a model i’ve shot a couple times posted on facebook that her modelling career is over. when asked why her reply was that her body was being over run by stretch marks. this of course brought on the expected facebook bullshit of people saying how amazing she was. which i presume was the desired goal. i resisted commenting because i was deeply outraged and like her so I didn’t want to damage our friendship. 
I’m so absolutely tired of the bullshit conventions of beauty. the ridiculous denial of true human beauty. the denial of the power of time and exposure on the the body to craft it deeper into uniqueness. more than that i’m tired of the shallowness, narrow thinking and lies stacked upon lies. 
to suggest one’s modelling career is over due to imperfections is to ignore the massive amount of photoshopping that happens in the world. to deny the cover up that’s sold in bulk to make up artists, and probably worse is to deny the broad spectrum of types of modelling that exist. 
if every model i’ve worked with felt that way I’d have had no models to work with. i’d have made no pictures. 
moreover, as someone with a lot of stretch marks myself i find it offensive to say that i am somehow less beautiful because my body created an organic solution to a problem of my skin needing to stretch. that my body reacted elegantly and created a solution that didn’t include my skin cracking and breaking and letting my insides outside, or letting all the things in the world that want to kill me in. 
i see stretch marks as proof of the body being a living miracle and to suggest that being owner of the most sophisticaed biological device known is not enough somehow really makes me want to throw sharp objects at people’s heads. 
your body is fucking miracle. there’s no other word to describe it. 
for a woman i know, who is blessed with one of the more physically perfect bodies i’ve ever seen in my life (and did nothing but show up in the gene pool to get it) to say what she says reveals something truly ugly in my mind. 
i want to be clear though. I am angry. and i do feel she needs to really sit down and think about this but she’s just parroting the tripe that has been fed to her by an entire industry hell bent on lies and banality. 
i wish she could see what a gift her beauty, and grace and youth are and embrace them. I wish she could see past the surface of her own skin to see what she could offer the modelling world, and world at large, far outweigh the supposed boon of perfect skin. because if she doesn’t she can’t offer either. 
when i see things like this it really makes me want to just curl up and pull away from people but i decided instead to find a picture of one of my favourite stretch marked models and remind myself real beauty comes from a willingness to engage the whole of life. 
if enough of you share/like, etc this to make a solid case to her that she needs to look deeper i will share this link with her. 

A body should look lived in.